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Destrucción interna: ¿Qué eliminará los parásitos de tu cuerpo?

Having parasites is very common and most of us have them in our bodies without knowing it. Many people think that they do not exist in big cities or in the capitals where the water is clean or because they do not have symptoms such as itching in the nose and in the anal region, they do not need deworming. But this is false. The reality is that it is not diagnosed correctly. Parasites travel by bus, they go to work, to school, they are in our house. And it’s not just a problem for low-income people.

It can occur in anyone, of any age and from any social class. Many do not know it, but they cause the most varied symptoms. It is even common for them to simulate other diseases, which confuses us a lot, both doctors and patients. Or they make us believe that we have something else, such as chronic rhinitis or sinusitis, skin allergies, gallbladder problems, reflux or gastritis, intolerance to different foods or having a lot of gas and in an unexplained way, also liver problems, anemia hidden, lack of vitamin and even chronic cough.

Signs of having intestinal parasites

That is why today I want to reveal to you everything that they did not have time to tell you about the alarm symptoms of having parasites, how they affect our other internal organs and not only the intestine. What is good to eliminate them? What is the best treatment and what are the best home and natural remedies? Let’s see.

The bigger the parasite, the worse the disease? This is not always so. First, there are several types of parasites. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They are not always visible to the naked eye, such as roundworms, for example, 30 centimeters or the tapeworm, which can be more than ten meters long and thus live in our intestines. Some are very small, like Giardia or amoeba, which we can only see under a microscope, but they can still cause very severe symptoms.

So what are the signs of having intestinal parasites? There are two main ways to suspect. Take note. The first are digestive symptoms, bad breath, constipation or diarrhea, abdominal pain, flatulence or excessive gas. Lack of appetite. Pain in the abdominal region. Feeling of heartburn or even reflux. In addition, many parasites block the absorption of nutrients in our gut, which can lead to unexplained weight loss, malnutrition, or intermittent food intolerance. For example, today you don’t like some type of food, but tomorrow you don’t. Pay attention to that symptom, because many have it, but they think it is another disease.

Some parasites even cause vitamin B12 deficiency, which over time becomes chronic and can lead to serious complications. They can also cause anemia because they damage the wall of our intestine, causing continuous and hidden blood loss. This leads to lack of energy, chronic fatigue, and sometimes goes on for many years, until it is finally discovered that they were actually parasites. But remember, even if you don’t have symptoms, I recommend deworming yourself at least once a year. Soon I will give you more details on how to do it.

But be careful, be very careful with these warning signs! The second way in which they manifest is by toxic action in your internal organs, that is, outside your intestine. For example in the liver, causing hepatitis in the gallbladder, pretending to have stones. Also in the brain, the skin, your lungs and even in your eyes. And although it may seem strange to you to hear it, believe me that this is more frequent than one imagines. The problem is that it takes time to diagnose, it is thought to be something else. And this is caused either by the toxins produced by the parasites that travel in your blood or by the same parasites that migrate from your intestine to other sites. In this case, doctors have to be very attentive and suspect that they may be infected by parasites when we are treating a disease or a symptom with the best treatment, but they still do not improve. Actually, what they are needing is a dewormer.

Home and natural remedies to eliminate parasites

Now, what is the best treatment? Is it difficult to get rid of parasites? The answer is of course not, it is very simple! But let me clarify a few things for you so that the treatment is really effective.

First, all adults should be dewormed at least once a year and don’t wait for symptoms. And this is extremely important, and especially in rural regions or those at higher risk of becoming infected frequently, deworming even twice a year. In addition, extending the cure to the whole family, otherwise eradicating the parasite is almost impossible, since the one who has a parasite is the entire house, including our pets. One person can infect another with kisses, hugs, even sharing towels, napkins, kitchen utensils such as spoons. Or even when we make our children’s bed by flapping the sheets or covers, they make the parasites fly out and literally enter through our nose, our mouth. They are also present on the toilet seat. In other words, it is practically impossible not to get infected. Hence the importance of treating everyone, even if you do not have symptoms. Even the dog must be treated.

What is the best remedy? Well, there are many. It all depends on the type of parasite you have. But in general, drugs can be used empirically, that is, with action against most of the most common parasites in the population without knowing specifically which parasite you have. This strategy is adopted in many places because it is sometimes difficult to diagnose or really find out which parasite you have. For example, nitazoxanide, one of the most powerful antiparasitics. It affects many of these organisms together at the same time. What is usually used is one tablet every 12 hours for three days, but this can vary and the important thing is to take it today and repeat the treatment in three weeks. That way you make sure to kill any eggs that haven’t hatched yet. Other very good options are ivermectin, metronidasol, mebendasol, albendasol or a combination of some of these medicines. There are a number of other medications, all very effective, but everything will depend on your doctor’s indication. You should never self medicate. My advice is to make an appointment with your doctor. In some cases, he will ask you for an analysis to try to diagnose in a more specific way and thus better direct the treatment. This is done especially when the drug is used empirically and the suspicion of being infected still persists.

And what are the home and natural remedies? There are many. I am going to talk about the most common ones. First, common walnut, walnut or castilla nut. The famous nut This is a tree that produces a dry fruit, known to most of us with great properties, both to prevent and to combat various diseases. Consuming it is undoubtedly very good for our body, as we explained in the book we wrote. The interesting thing is that there are experiments that have shown that they have the power to combat killing germs, bacteria, parasites. But this has not yet been able to be verified outside the laboratory, in the human organism. As much as we love natural medicine, I must warn you. Consuming it will not allow you to adequately treat intestinal parasites and may even delay effective treatment. Regarding garlic, we love it. We have a video with more than 12 million views and we also explain it in detail in our book its medicinal uses. It is excellent for preventing and combating a series of ailments. It helps keep our intestines, our intestinal flora or microbiota healthy, and also the rest of our organs. It has enormous anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, but unfortunately it is also useless to treat or cure parasites. The same is true for coconut oil, cloves, castor oil, turmeric, and apple cider vinegar, often recommended even by doctors. Although they are all very good and each one has its application in culinary medicine or, let’s say, in using food as medicine, and they can help control and improve our intestinal flora. They do not have the ability to completely eliminate parasites and their eggs once they have actually caused disease. This is a myth. I want to make a very important alert. Attention here! Videos circulate on the internet recommending intestinal cleansing for parasites, mixing vodka with a series of herbs or plants. Be careful with this, it can be much more harmful than beneficial.

I hope this article has provided you with valuable information about the consequences of having parasites in your body and how to eliminate them. Remember to always seek medical advice for proper diagnosis and treatment. Shedding light on this topic is crucial in order to improve our health and well-being.

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